The Story of Rosa-Mundi’s Flower Candles

I must admit, I’m saying ‘original’ with fingers crossed. When I first had the idea for putting wax flowers on candles, I scoured the Internet for pictures of similar candles but could find none. I therefore have assumed that not many people (and none with commercial Internet businesses) have had this idea – which astounds me, as decorating candles this way is so easy and pretty – and uses up the little scraps of wax you get with rolling candles.

I got the idea when I was playing around with some tiny off-cuts, wondering what on earth I could do with them. I rolled them in my fingers and – hey presto! – a flower petal! I tentatively pressed it onto a candle to see what happened and it stuck and stayed very well. Encourages, I did a few more, rolled a little round bit for the centre and well… you can see the results on the product pages!

I’m sure there will now be a few more flower candles once candle makers work out how easy it is, but I would just like to proudly say (again with 99% certainty) that Rosa-Mundi was the first to bring them to the World Wide Web!



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