Rosa-Mundi started back in 2011 as a little experiment in selling quality gifts online and at fairs. It’s had its share of false starts and ups and downs but now is back better than before. But also a little different. Whereas in the beginning all the goods were bought from other places, we now want to sell only the things we make and craft ourselves. Why? Well, for a start it’s more fun and satisfying to see something you’ve done bring pleasure to another person. It also means we can take commissions and work with our customers rather than be just a middle party in the selling process.

So who are we? We are Jules and Tony… oh, and Dex:

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Currently I create most of the craftwork, concentrating on pyrography, candles and (very soon) felting. I spend half my working time on Rosa-Mundi – the other half is spent writing and also keeping up with three blogs (www.ladydespensersscribery.com; www.julesfrusher.com and www.naturesimplicityabundance.com). You can find out about my ‘other life’ on those pages.



I trained as an artist and am now learning new skills in pyrography and woodwork – making bird tables and bird/bug boxes is my next project! I love indulging my artistic side and make things for Rosa-Mundi when I can, in between working my day job and keeping up my blogs about Robin Hood and the Wait family (www.disneysrobin.blogspot.se and waithistory.blogspot.co.uk)

The silent member – well, actually not so silent come to think of it – of the team. Dexter the lurcher was rescued and adopted by us in 2013 and spends most of his time either curled up on the sofa or watching for mice in the garden. He doesn’t make anything (except for lurcher nose art on the front window) but is great for telling us when we need to have a break and go and play with him. He also accompanies us to craft events when he can.